In 2012 I started working at the web development company Dream Production from Timișoara, gradually learning more about websites and the world wide web. I got familiar with WordPress and started doing content management and handle technical support. At some point I got the idea to create a presentation website for myself. I had already bought the domain in Winter 2013.

I did not want to use a random WordPress theme, so I asked Ovidiu Hrin from Synopsis Media to prepare a design for my new website, which he did, and which I liked a lot. My workmate Mircea Tihu (who also plays bass!) agreed to code it. Several hours of development later, the website is ready, and I am very happy with the end result.


Ovidiu Hrin – design
Mircea Tihu & Dream Production – development and hosting
Barka Fabiánová, Andrei Becheru, Andreea David (Marmo), Miluță Flueraș, Călin Tamaș, Iuliu Simon, Hannelore Moldoveanu, Teodor Pop and maybe others too – photography