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My name is Mihai Moldoveanu. I’m a 31 year old, self-taught electric bass player living in Timișoara, Romania. I started playing bass around 2003 and since 2008 I have been regularly playing and touring with several Romanian bands and artists, having up to 70 gigs / year.

I got to play with JazzyBIT, Alexandrina and Urma at most of Romania’s venues and festivals, while with JazzyBIT, dordeduh and Sunset in the 12th House I played many gigs around Europe. In 2014 I played with dordeduh at the prestigious metal festivals Hellfest (France) and Wacken (Germany), which has been an amazing experience for me. In October we will play with JazzyBIT in Seoul (South Korea), at Asia’s biggest jazz festival, Jarasum Jazz.

Since 2016 I also play bass for singer and songwriter Amalia Gaiță, and we will launch our debut album in 2017.

Even though my musical roots are rock, I enjoy playing a variety of musical styles – from loud rock and metal to mellow jazz or electronic music. If you want to work with me, I will be on time and come prepared, playing every single note with the same enthusiasm.

My favorite bass players are Michael League, Tim Lefebvre, Pino Palladino, Paul Turner and Stuart Zender.

Latest videos

JazzyBIT – Curaçao (The Alt Club Sessions)

Amalia Gaiță – Soul Inspired (Live Session)

JazzyBIT – Le Tunk (The Alt Club Sessions)

Subcarpați x JazzyBIT / SUBJazz – Rabdă Inimă @ AMBASADA

Alexandrina – Voyage Voyage @ Radio Guerrilla

Amalia Gaiță – Sun Man (Live Session)

Paperjam – full concert @ JazzTM 2016

Amalia Gaiță – River. Everlasting (Official Video)

JazzyBIT – Remember @ Balcony TV


September 28 Amalia Gaiță Street Food Festival, Timișoara
September 30 Paperjam Street Food Festival, Timișoara
September 30 JazzyBIT Street Food Festival, Timișoara
October 6 + 7 JazzyBIT Pygmalion Theater, Vienna (Austria)
October 20 - 22 JazzyBIT Jarasum International Jazz Festival, (South Korea)
November 15 JazzyBIT Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival, (Lithuania)
Music took me to many places